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I will shoot lifestyle amazon product photos and video with female model



High-quality lifestyle photos and videos that tell a story are the differentiator in the Amazon marketplace. AMZ Story Images will help tell the story about your product and convey it’s features and benefits in a single image more effectively than a mere verbal description. Move buyers to action, drive sales through emotion, and bring your Amazon product to life through engaging storytelling images and video. If a picture is worth a thousand words than using AMZ Story Images lifestyle photography and video will equate to a thousand differences to your Amazon sales!

**Please message before placing an order to discuss your product, details of the project and pricing. Product must be shipped and received by AMZ Story Images before placing the order.**

Photo packages include: 1. Portrayal of your product in use in a real-life situation and home setting; 2. Delivery of high-resolution lifestyle photos of product featured as the center of attention, multiple angles, highlighting its features and benefits; 3. No license restrictions, the provided images can be used commercially and indefinitely for pre-specified uses.

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