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I will professionally edit your podcast




I have a Master’s degree in Media Innovation and over 9 years of audio engineering experience.

All the packages include:

  • Adding and balancing intro/outro
  • Adding your background music
  • Removing unnecessary pauses and dead air
  • Noise reduction, audio cleaning, minimizing background hiss
  • Equalizing, matching and normalizing volumes to the industry standards
  • Removing plosives, clicks, pops and other noises
  • Removing umms and ahhs (extra $5 per every 30 minutes)

I’d also be happy to guide you through the intro/outro creation process and put it all together.

WHAT’S NEW (JAN 2023):

I’ve been developing a new editing process that allows to get groundbreaking studio-like quality even for a very poor sounding recordings. BUT, prior assessment of your audio is necessary.

Message me before placing an order or requiring the “new process” editing.

How I edit:

manually edit the spectral frequency of your audio (see pic 3) using professional apps, tools and headphones. High quality GUARANTEED!

This type of editing requires me to listen to your whole audio. I don’t skim through and add automated filters, I LISTEN and EDIT MANUALLY!

Order now to get the best podcast editing services!

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