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I will professionally edit audio for your podcast




Hi Fiverr! I’m the pro to edit your podcast audio. I specialize in removing filler words such as “uh,” “um,” and editing for conversational flow, which means I listen to your audio in real time.

I have 15 years of experience in audio editing, including podcast editing and other projects. Send me your intro, outro, and episode. I’ll put everything together as described above, master levels for your podcast, add any ID3 tags and deliver as MP3.

In the clip above, you can hear the difference between raw audio and audio edited for filler word removal and conversational flow.

ALL packages include:

  • Equalize the audio levels of different speakers to make your recording easier to listen to
  • Removal of “uh,” “um” and filler words
  • Editing for conversational flow
  • Add intros/outros
  • Add ID3 tags/cover art from info and pic you provide
  • Add music (I only add music files you provide)
  • Reduce/remove background hum/buzz. Some noises (wind noise, vocal plosives or sibilance, or phones ringing) can’t be fixed in post

Gig Extras:

  • Deliver WAV file (if WAV submitted): $20
  • Rush 24 hour turnaround: $100
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