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I will create profitable email marketing campaign and sales emails




*Please contact me before booking my gigs*

Email marketing generates the HIGHEST revenue today, compared to all other social media marketing channels put together.

I am a native English speaker with 15 years of business experience, specially as a digital marketing manager and content strategist.

Expertise: Successful campaigns on email that drive business profits. Additionally, I help businesses with entire content marketing & digital marketing strategies.

Major clients: Deutsche Bahn, Unilever Germany, Mannheim Business School, Zalando, Groupon, Almi Sweden, Betahaus etc

How I can help you

I will deliver an excellent email marketing campaign series, perfect for your customers, that will take them further into the funnel and grow sales.

Understanding your business and buyer persona, I will create email marketing series that will work as an excellent funnel for you (without setup & design).

If you’re looking to have an email marketing series for your business win customers, this is the gig for you.

***NB: I don’t sell email lists and I don’t set up CRM***

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