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I will convert your google sheet or excel to mobile app using glide




Please contact me before placing an order.

I will make a powerful and fully customized mobile application for your business or any idea using a simple Google/Excel Spreadsheet through Glideapps.

Things I can do for you:

1) Make an app to test your tech-business idea or to get an investment.

  • If you have a tech business idea and want to test its concept or launch it on a small scale, I can make an app for you at the best price. Glideapps can serve the purpose of your idea and you can present it for getting investments as well.

2) Internal company tools

  • Building out internal company tools to help improve workflow/processes is another great thing I can do for you. I can make an internal CRM, automate inventory, web calculator, automate finances, keep a record of all accounts, data entry to sheets directly from mobile, and a lot more..

My apps can work on all smartphones and can work on a PC as well.

You are one tap away from transforming your business idea into reality. Reach me out and let’s build something great together.

Let me know if you are interested in my previous work as well. Would love to show it to you.

I offer free consultation as well.

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